“Is that your boyfriend?”


“I’m sorry, but the guy on this button is not my boyfriend. Actually, he’s running for president.”

And so begins another random discussion about Barack Obama. I’ve been wearing this button with Barack Obama’s face on my coat since the holidays. I got the button in Union Square from some dude selling political buttons right after the Democratic National Convention in 2004 (along with another button that said something like, “Bush we don’t want yo ass no mo!”). I never wore the button and had entirely forgotten about it until I found it attached to a sweatband that must’ve been from 2004, as well. The button itself is a simple picture of Obama smiling on stage at the Democratic National Convention. It doesn’t say his name anywhere on the button and people who recognize his face inevitably yell out his name excitedly–“Obama!”–the same way one might yell out “Bingo!”


March 29, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City.

One Comment

  1. tanas replied:

    what’s happenin’ girl?

    like inigo, i went back to the beginning…

    this is some serious gourmet blogging shit! fantastically irreverent… not without purpose but totally without pretense…

    fucking brilliant and i’m sorry if i scare you by replying to every post… maybe…

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