Up in the Bronx…

Walking to the deli by my school to buy my butter roll and freaky coffee, the man on the pay phone starts in–

“Hey lady! Hey lady!”

Which can mean only one thing: he must know who’s face I’m wearing on my coat. So the guy hangs up the phone and follows me into the deli. I guess he called back later.

“Hey lady, who is that guy? I keep seeing him.”

Barack Obama. He’s running for president.

(I find in these conversations its best to give as little information as possible in order to prevent from hindering the conversation, so I just keep my mouth shut.)

“America is never gonna elect a black. The woman, yes, I think so, but not the black. In America there is still prejudice…but not so bad for women anymore.”

(and in almost the same breath)

“I never met a black I could trust. He’ll never get elected.”

Thank you for sharing your two-cents!


March 29, 2007. Barack Obama, Bodega, New York City.

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