Gum dumb

The night before last I attempted to buy some gum in the West Palm Beach airport, but quickly discovered that “this is a gum-free terminal.” The man behind me wasn’t listening, so he also asked for some gum and got the same cheery answer. I couldn’t help but laugh. I joked to the man (who also happened to be a dad) that the airport authorities must be fascists. I don’t think he liked my joke, because he didn’t laugh, but boy did he have a mouthful to say about my button!

“Don’t you want to give your vote to Hillary? I mean, you’re a woman…”

Really, I must appear to him that my politics must not be very sophisticated, or, he is a digging a hole.

“I think Obama uses a lot things to his advantage, don’t you?”

Like what?

“Like his race, and the way that he talks. He doesn’t talk like a black person. He talks like an educated person.”

(I mean, the things white people say to other white people.)

When was our last African-American president elected? Oh yeah, NEVER!

This dad’s two middle-schoolish kids are our audience for this discussion that has rapidly taken a turn for the worse. I’m sad this guys kids heard him verbalize his inability to reconcile Barack Obama’s eloquence and his blackness. As my blood begins to boil, his his phone rings. I did’t have to miss my plane afterall.


April 12, 2007. Barack Obama, Racism, Travel.

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