Work to do

So I’m perpetually in SoHo…The guy selling sunglasses says:

“Hey Miss, who’s that on your button?”

Barack Obama.

“Who’s that?”

He’s running for President.

“Of the United States?”

Yes. He’s a Senator from Illinois.

“Is he black?”


“You voting for him?”

I hope so.

“Good for you. God bless you.”

Random white lady eavesdropping with tweenage daughter:

“This conversation is getting scary!”

Mother and daughter are wearing crocs and socks. I’m seeing this all over the place and it is not a good look.


May 13, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City, Parents.


  1. Navin replied:

    Are you A[name left incomplete to protect your privacy, Ms. Green], the woman who put up posters at the Ferry terminal and manned the cotton-candy and sno-cone table with me at the Obamathon this Saturday? I came across this blog when I googled for news stories about the Obamathon, and found it wonderfully droll. I especially enjoyed the “Bloody Stumps” entry on the trevails of flyering….I know that pain well. I then read your entry “DefJux” in which you mention to the anarchist hitting on you that you’re a librarian. Finally, in your “About” section, I saw the picture of your giant Obama button, and put two and two together. Anyway, it was really great meeting you, and I’m sorry I missed getting your info before you left. At the risk of sounding like a non-voting anarchist rap fan, can I buy you a drink sometime?

  2. mzgreen replied:

    Ha! I should buy you a drink, as I totally left you to fend for yourself amid a sno-cone/cotton candy rush!

  3. tanas replied:

    crocs… >


    someone telling me “god bless you” is always a tricky proposition, but i can usually get a beat on the real intent of the saying…

  4. []D [] []V[] []D [] /\/¿ replied:

    there are so many websites about people hating crocs. i like nevver even thought about “” but i mean, there should be. There are even people (that i now know to my dismay) That are wearing crocs with socks, and on webs are even saying “Crox ‘n Sox” are the latest fasions. I hate sandals, sandals with socks, croccs, and obviously crocs with socks. it is completely disqusting, and there is no reason to wear them. A lot of people say that they are comfortable for long walking, but how could they be when there coming off of your feet? and if you want comfy shoes, jsut get nurse shoes or ssomething, you can wear socks with them, and you wont be made fun of as much. Here, “Mzgreen” has a picture of people wearing crocs and socks, and look where it got them. There posted on a website, on google, as one of the first pictures when you search, Crocs with socks, and there being laughed at/made fun of/ corrected/ veiwed by thousands of people, and several are even laughing at them. So heres to you “mzgreen” (holds wine glass up high)!

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