“You have something in your head.”

Friday night I was helping a friend move, so I needed to stop and get gas. Gas station attendants in New York don’t usually think I can pump gas, despite my Michigan license plate. So the man comes out to pump my gas although I told him repeatedly that I could handle it (pet-peeve: people who insist). Clearly the man is bored out of his mind; he just wants to chit-chat.

“Oh, so you’re for him?”


“Why not Hillary? She’s a New Yorker.”

I point to my license plate and say, “I also know how to pump gas.” He’s annoying me.

“Obama talks a lot about Africa. Darfur. Are you Jewish?”


“The Jewish media is controlling the coverage of Darfur, and what they say is going on there isn’t happening. Obama speaks for them.”

Oh really? Is that why there are thousands of refugees living in Kenya and Ethiopia? Nothing’s going on in Sudan?

“You shouldn’t mock me. I am from Sudan and I know what’s happening there. But I like you, you have something in your head.” He finishes pumping the gas. “Come inside and have something to drink. You have something in your head. I like talking to you.”

Sorry, I just need that gas. Thank you.

“No, I want to hear more about you and Obama.”

Again, not taking no for an answer. I will never go to that gas station again.


May 20, 2007. Barack Obama.


  1. Bobby G replied:

    I love how the media is somehow more in-touch with its Jewish identity than I am. That never gets old…

    Anyway, sorry to hear you have something in your head, Ms. Green. At least that beats the alternative 🙂

  2. mzgreen replied:

    I think I’m going to say “yes” from now on anytime somebody asks me if I’m Jewish, just so they can shut the hell up!

  3. Bobby G replied:

    Nah, you should say “no” just to see how horrible what they say actually is. Then, once you’ve got their confidence and they’ve said something really offensive, you say, “Just kidding, I’m Jewish. In addition to being [whatever this person just called Jews], we’re also liars.”

    Then you say, “Just kidding, I’m not Jewish. But you’re definitely an asshole.”

    Works every time… I do the same thing whenever someone asks me if I’m black in a creepy, backhanded manner.

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