The arguing middle-aged couple that lives in my building steps onto the elevator.

“The Black man! I want him too.”

I’m in laundry/cleaning/huffing cleaning fumes mode, so it takes me a minute to figure out what she’s talking about.

“A Black man or a woman, uh uh. You know who they’re gonna elect?”

I shrug.

Her husband leans forward and goes, “Giuliani!”

(I totally wasn’t thinking Giuliani.)

She’s shaking her head and says, “Yup…but I wish we could get who we really¬†voted for one day.”


May 22, 2007. Barack Obama.

One Comment

  1. tanas replied:

    man i hope they’re not right, but i do have that fear as well…

    ’cause you know they’re gonna pull out that 9/11 hero crap…

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