“I can bring a table.”

This is what getting organized is all about! This Saturday the nationwide Walk for Change is going down, so NYC Obama people were meeting to get organized, share ideas, and have video cameras shoved in their faces on the LES yesterday evening.

Basically, I’m a Brooklyn person, but when I go to the city I try to make the most of the experience. So after the meeting, I head over to see some friends who are on a roof for some ungodly reason. I have to run through the ATM, two delis, and J-walk really fast in avoidance of some non-stranger who I REALLY don’t want to talk to before I reach my destination. By the time I get there I totally gotta take a whiz. I’m buzzing the door, but there’s no answer. I call to the roof, but the roof people just tell me to buzz the door again. There is a woman smoking a cigarette in front of her bar. She feels compelled to help me.

“Nice button! Do you want to use the bathroom here?”

I think yes and no, but tell her yes and thank her. Sometimes finding a public bathroom on the streets of NYC is impossible. Thank you bartender lady and, once again, thank you Obama button.


June 6, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City.


  1. the roof people replied:

    yay – we’re famous!

  2. mzgreen replied:

    you’re also ungodly.

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