Special Ed

I never wear Obama when I’m teaching, but today I did. There were three factors that influenced this decision:

1. It is Friday.

2. It is June.

3. Tomorrow is Saturday, June 9th.

So the 5th graders that are watching “Spellbound” in the library are all in special ed.

Hilarious boy goes, “Ms. Green, he SUCKS!”

He does not!

“He does too! The other one is way better.”

Which one? Hillary?

“No! George Bush!”

But he’s not running for president. He is president.

“Duh! He already won!”

Oh my goodness, what is going to happen to us? Do you remember that show “The Dinosaurs.” Well, on one episode the Grandma dinosaur was about to get thrown off the cliff because, apparently, that’s just how dinosaurs dealt with their elderly. This kid made me remember that episode; I feel like he’d throw me off a cliff, because clearly I am old and talking nonsense. Each day at school I vacillate between losing all hope in humanity and having it fully restored by these kids.


June 8, 2007. Barack Obama.

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