When my car breaks down, I have a full-on journey to and from my job. One leg of this voyage places me on the X36 bus down Tremont through the Bronx. This bus is packed to the gills. Forget about sitting, reading, or even talking on the phone. The only thing to do on this bus is hold on for dear life as it flies down the street. But if you’re lucky, you can also talk to the teenager that’s got his armpit in your face.

“Excuse me miss, but are you trying to think that he can get elected?”

Of course!

“He don’t stand a chance against Hillary. She’s got an ex-president backing her up. There’s never been a candidate who could say that.”

Good point, kid. Are you taking bets, or something?

“No, but I bet that’s why she didn’t divorce him over Monica Lewinsky. She just wants to be president that bad so she can run the show!”

Hmm…this kid totally smells ambition.


June 14, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City, Public Transportation.


  1. Dan replied:

    A dead battery does not qualify as your car breaking down…

  2. mzgreen replied:

    How about when the power steering pump goes out and accompanying fan and electrical wires totally fry? I think $1500 for repairs=breakdown. Keep your Detroit brain out of my troubles!

  3. Sorry, my bad... replied:

    Even my Detroit brain qualifies that as your car breaking down…

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