Welcome to Boston…

I went to a barbecue in Boston. This sporty looking black guy comes over to talk. 

“You’re for Mohammad?”

Barack Obama?

“Yeah, Mohammad. He’s never gonna get elected with a name like that.”

Should he change his name, you think?

“Yeah, John Smith, then he’s got my vote. Can trust anyone with a name like that. You know the bin Ladens live here in Boston?”


“I hope they hit New York again. I own real estate. After 9/11 my rents went up from $1100 to $1800 with all the people from New York attempting to escape. When 9/11 happened I was like ‘Yes! I’m gonna make money now!’ I know its not good for everybody, but I hope they hit New York again.”

I hope not. That’s a disgusting thought.

I am shocked. The dude’s cell phone rings. He walks away to answer it. I am left thinking that I have just spoken to the worst guy EVER.


June 18, 2007. 9/11, Barack Obama, Racism, Travel.


  1. BobbyG replied:

    Damn! For as nutty as people act like New York is, it seems your craziest reactions happen outside NYC.

    No soul. I mean, the band Boston isn’t even from there. Still, if the terrorists had any creativity, they’d just pummel us with 100k watts of over-produced brunch rock.

  2. jim replied:

    whenever i think of john smith i think of pocahontas. how would an affair with a native princess affect obama’s run?

  3. mzgreen replied:

    Something crazy–the very first person who talked to me in Boston was this black dude outside the bus station who asked for a light. He saw my button and he goes, “Boston’s the most racist state (sic) in the country!” The white dude who’s sitting on the bench down from me goes, “It is not, you drunk!” Then they proceeded to argue.

    At least that John Smith in Jamestown sort of knew how to get along.

  4. mzgreen replied:

    P.S. Detroit loves Obama!

  5. msjeans replied:

    here’s the thing about it, sporty man represents the general public. granted we deemed him the worst EVER, he’s not nearly as bad as the majority of folks out there, and THAT scares me.

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