The best thing that happened all day.

I’m sitting around waiting for nothing to happen when I hear someone yell from a bicycle.

“You’re like Batgirl for Obama!”

Wow. My night was pretty much ruined, but that stranger made me smile. Thank you fixed-geared bike person–I don’t know where my night would have headed without you!

Afterall, Batgirl was a librarian…


June 20, 2007. Barack Obama.


  1. ill-sky replied:

    i bet Batgirl would have been down with Obama too…

    and wow, Batgirl really WAS a librarian:

    Batgirl’s Librarianship
    Barbara Gordon, the niece and adopted daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, graduated summa cum laude from Gotham State University with a degree in Library and Information Scienc. After graduating, she became the head reference librarian at Gotham Public Library.
    The librarian transformation into Batgirl happened one night on her way to the policemen’s masquerade ball. Dressed in a homemade “Batgirl,” costume, she accidentally encountered the villain Killer Moth and foiled his attempt to kidnap wealthy Bruce Wayne. Barbara enjoyed the thrill and risk of crime fighting, and after modifying her motorcycle to create the Batcycle, Batgirl was born.

  2. mzgreen replied:

    I bet you didn’t know about my motorcycle either…

  3. Sara replied:

    Hi Mandy. Sweet blog.

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