Button Pokin’

So in Queens there is this modern art/DJ party. It is very crowded. It is mostly an adult party, but some parents try to jumpstart their kid’s coolness factor by dragging them through the second-hand smoke and loud-ass music. Plus, they’re too short to see anything, really.

As am I. When a person isn’t very tall, it is almost a miracle to see the stage in a general admission type of situation. Things were looking up for me–for once–and then this big European dude started taking camera phone pics with his buddy right next to me. I mean, how long can your arm possibly get? Reach and click, reach and click (obviously, I’m not over it yet). Finally the photo is a success, but I’ve been jacked out of my spot! I can’t see the 17 year-old DJ phenoms (The Martinez Brothers) anymore and I’m pissed. These kids djs were looking totally reckless and awesome, but the sound suggested something different…anyway, all I’m hearing for sure is bad djing and seeing NONE of the performance.

Euro guy pokes me in the button.

“I’m going back to my country if this guy isn’t elected!”

You promise?

“Yes. He’s the best one.”

I’m divided.


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“I’m a movement by myself…But I’m a force when we’re together.”

Official Button!

You rock! Get with the program folks, cos I predict Obama Buttons of all shapes and sizes will be popping up on trendsetters across the country for 2007-2008 campaign season.

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“Register to vote! You’ll love it!”

Yesterday the Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill Obama people were registering voters. While Gunnar and I wandered around with clipboards acquiring sunburns and completed voter registration forms, a lady approached us with a piece of advice.

“I registered voters in Maine once. We were told that a good opening line is, ‘Register to vote! You’ll love it!'”

I tried it a couple times, but it didn’t work any better for me than my usual approach. Basically, I like to stare and grin like an idiot in order to engage strangers. Often those conversations open up with the stranger saying something like, “Do I know you…?” Easy in!

Overall, we were pretty successful–met some Texans, expanded the democratic process to new voters, and didn’t get bitten by any dogs.

P.S. New York people, you need to be registered by October 12th with a political party in order to vote in the February 5th, 2008 primary!!!

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Have you heard this joke?

I got stuck at a bar at the Atlantic Center Mall during the rainstorm this week. The man next to me takes note of the button.

“You know how Hillary’s gonna keep herself from getting assassinated?”

How? (I’ve actually already heard several variations of this one)

“She’ll take Barack as her VP!”

Middle aged black men always tell me this joke.

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Smokin’ hot.

At a kickball game/bbq/birthday party this lady smoking a cigarette spies my button.

“As soon as Barack announced that he’s a smoker he had my vote.”

Hahaha! But he says he’s chewing the gum.

“I’m serious! I can’t trust people who don’t have any vices. Barack is pretty candid about his.”

Hey, I’ll drink to that!

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On Broadway

“Handbag? Handbag? Handbag, miss? Handbag?”

No thanks.

“Obama! Good man!”

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You figured me out.

By trade I am a librarian, which makes me somewhat of a reader. I’m on vacation now, so I actually get to read books that I truly want to read. I borrow books from libraries (duh), which means that usually they are hardcover, therefore more bulky. I am reading Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux, which is a big fat book. So I spent all this morning and a good chunk of the afternoon reading my book, building arm muscles, and trying (and failing) to obtain Shakespeare in the Park tickets. I stood and read for a good 3.5 hours before becoming collectively bummed out with the 100 other people on line when the news arrives that all tickets are gone.

I walk to the train and take my seat feeling a little disappointed, but happy to rest my feet and to read my book some more. So, why you gotta start with me, jerk?

“Oh, I see. You got an Africa thing, huh?”

I glare. Nothing that I say will possibly make sense to this man.

“You got your Obama and your Africa book, huh?”

I understood exactly what he was referring to, but I’m getting drawn in anyway. “Coincidence,” I say. Quickly I locate my iPod headphones and plug my ears. A couple years ago my friend hypothesized that iPods are the best invention for fighting unsolicited conversation. These days I tend to agree.

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Cats are smarter than dogs…in my dreams.

I hate when people tell me about the dream that they had last night if the story lasts for a) more than 10 seconds or b) does not involve me. So I’ll keep it short.

In my dream I had this little baby cat with chameleon fur. When I asked the kitten, “Where’s Barack Obama?” she jumped all over the button on my chest. Clearly, a smart cat. So next I asked, “Who’s this?” and pointed to the button. Sure enough the little cat spoke, “Barack Obama!”

Sorry, but I had to tell someone!

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