You figured me out.

By trade I am a librarian, which makes me somewhat of a reader. I’m on vacation now, so I actually get to read books that I truly want to read. I borrow books from libraries (duh), which means that usually they are hardcover, therefore more bulky. I am reading Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux, which is a big fat book. So I spent all this morning and a good chunk of the afternoon reading my book, building arm muscles, and trying (and failing) to obtain Shakespeare in the Park tickets. I stood and read for a good 3.5 hours before becoming collectively bummed out with the 100 other people on line when the news arrives that all tickets are gone.

I walk to the train and take my seat feeling a little disappointed, but happy to rest my feet and to read my book some more. So, why you gotta start with me, jerk?

“Oh, I see. You got an Africa thing, huh?”

I glare. Nothing that I say will possibly make sense to this man.

“You got your Obama and your Africa book, huh?”

I understood exactly what he was referring to, but I’m getting drawn in anyway. “Coincidence,” I say. Quickly I locate my iPod headphones and plug my ears. A couple years ago my friend hypothesized that iPods are the best invention for fighting unsolicited conversation. These days I tend to agree.


July 5, 2007. Barack Obama, Literature, New York City, Public Transportation.


  1. Navin replied:

    Wow….that dude sounds like he’s from the Deep South of the ’60s. What a loser.
    A bit of librarian pride for you:

  2. mzgreen replied:

    I love the term “Library 2.0!”

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