“Register to vote! You’ll love it!”

Yesterday the Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill Obama people were registering voters. While Gunnar and I wandered around with clipboards acquiring sunburns and completed voter registration forms, a lady approached us with a piece of advice.

“I registered voters in Maine once. We were told that a good opening line is, ‘Register to vote! You’ll love it!'”

I tried it a couple times, but it didn’t work any better for me than my usual approach. Basically, I like to stare and grin like an idiot in order to engage strangers. Often those conversations open up with the stranger saying something like, “Do I know you…?” Easy in!

Overall, we were pretty successful–met some Texans, expanded the democratic process to new voters, and didn’t get bitten by any dogs.

P.S. New York people, you need to be registered by October 12th with a political party in order to vote in the February 5th, 2008 primary!!!


July 15, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City, Political Action.

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