“I don’t want to kill people!”

It is time for ‘pizza and wine just to pass the time’ on a Saturday night in Ft. Greene. The man in the pizzaria who always remembers your last order offers his take on the ’08 Presidential race. He’s sharing his opinion on Arab-American voting.

“I hope he gets it, too!”

Great! Just make sure you vote.

“A lot of people say that they are for him, but they won’t vote or do anything…Arab people like me. Obama, he doesn’t want the war. Why is our country killing the poor people? I don’t want to kill people! No food to eat for one month, maybe some water and a little bit of food. In America, Arab people are so mad about it, but they do nothing. They don’t vote. I don’t want to kill people!”

I don’t either. Can’t just talk about it, you gotta be about it, huh?


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Fire it up!

Barack Obama in Brooklyn

Of course my digital camera battery was dead, but that’s one from my phone. Yesterday, Senator Obama spoke in downtown Brooklyn at the Marriot Hotel to a crowd of 1,500 supporters. I spent all day at the hotel with some great people volunteering, which largely consisted of tying knots, hooking up NYPD ‘bike rack,’ and repeatedly visiting Sid’s hardware store.

Once the event began I positioned myself in the lobby as a “greeter”–just like the ones at the Gap–and told hundreds of people to, “please line-up for the event alongside the wall” (please, somebody has to do it!). Several ladies tried (and failed) to purchase my Obama button and some French photographer took a picture of it. Once the people were all inside I slipped in to watch the Senator speak.

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Barack for Brooklyn!

Holy smokes! Barack Obama is speaking in Brooklyn today because some great people put in a lot of hard work. For the first time in months, I am going to wake up before 8am and get to work volunteering. I am so incredibly excited, yet so incredibly confused as to what I could possibly pull out of my closet that might qualify as “business casual.” The red patent-leather pumps and the silver sequin dress aren’t gonna cut it; I could really use some advice.

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Voter Registration on Wheels!

Traveling via automobile down Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is a showcase for some of the most taxi-like driving by non-cab drivers. The avenue itself is rife with delivery guys on bikes, turning lanes, pedestrians, and double-parked vehicles–i.e., not a picnic. As I whittle away the last of my summer days, I decide to take a drive over to the market.

I am an extremely competitive driver. Once I hit Atlantic I notice that the 20-somethingish guy driving the RAV4 alongside me is cutting drivers off left and right; I am going to teach him a lesson. Once I pass this guy I do my A#1 taxi-driver move and begin driving in BOTH of our lanes. RAV4 honks and honks. I smile. As we approach the red light I move to the left.

“Why are you driving in my lane? Obama!”

You’re registered to vote, right? I’ll give you your lane back if Obama’s got your vote.

“I’m registered Green. I need to change that.”

Quickly, before October 12th. Do you need a form? I have one.

“I do, Thanks.”

RAV4 jumps out of the car, the light turns green, the horns blare, and I pass him the form. If this is what it takes in order to expand democracy, then I’m all for it!

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A case of mistaken identity.

After the Obama button set off the x-ray machine at Detroit Metro a pervy old man approached me.

“Are you the notorious YouTube Obama girl? If so, he’s lucky!”

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Blue Plates Lose, Obama Button Wins!

Yes Michigan!

I am mourning the loss of my beautiful blue Michigan license plate. Last week I was in Michigan to celebrate with the Detroit Tigers, and pick up my new ugly, ugly white license plate.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this one a zero.

I had the additional pleasure of visiting the Secretary of State office to take a new photograph for my driver’s license. The man behind the counter smiles at the button.

“I won’t charge you the late fee.”

Senator Obama is so darn likeable! I feel like my button can turn strangers into friends I’ve never met.

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In absence of coconut water.

He's Canadian

“Who is that? Obama?”

(I nod)

“I’m getting my Bryan Adams button next week!”

What?! Anytime I walk into this deli I always get an earful.

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I am a super fan.

“The last time I wore a button that big it was for New Kids on the Block!”

Not exactly the level of mania I am attempting to project, but, whatever.

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Not one soul had anything “nice” to say about Barack in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (nobody had anything not so nice to say either). Basically, a stranger’s visual confirmation of Obama on the button immediately misdirected all eye contact between that person and myself. Maybe had I been sporting a little Dixie flag on my opposite lapel, a different accent, and sensible footwear folks would have felt a bit more at ease.

Good seafood down there, but lay off the blue crabs.

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