Voter Registration on Wheels!

Traveling via automobile down Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is a showcase for some of the most taxi-like driving by non-cab drivers. The avenue itself is rife with delivery guys on bikes, turning lanes, pedestrians, and double-parked vehicles–i.e., not a picnic. As I whittle away the last of my summer days, I decide to take a drive over to the market.

I am an extremely competitive driver. Once I hit Atlantic I notice that the 20-somethingish guy driving the RAV4 alongside me is cutting drivers off left and right; I am going to teach him a lesson. Once I pass this guy I do my A#1 taxi-driver move and begin driving in BOTH of our lanes. RAV4 honks and honks. I smile. As we approach the red light I move to the left.

“Why are you driving in my lane? Obama!”

You’re registered to vote, right? I’ll give you your lane back if Obama’s got your vote.

“I’m registered Green. I need to change that.”

Quickly, before October 12th. Do you need a form? I have one.

“I do, Thanks.”

RAV4 jumps out of the car, the light turns green, the horns blare, and I pass him the form. If this is what it takes in order to expand democracy, then I’m all for it!


August 16, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City.

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