Barack for Brooklyn!

Holy smokes! Barack Obama is speaking in Brooklyn today because some great people put in a lot of hard work. For the first time in months, I am going to wake up before 8am and get to work volunteering. I am so incredibly excited, yet so incredibly confused as to what I could possibly pull out of my closet that might qualify as “business casual.” The red patent-leather pumps and the silver sequin dress aren’t gonna cut it; I could really use some advice.


August 22, 2007. Barack Obama, Fashion, New York City.


  1. tanas replied:

    wish i could help, but given my penchant for rocking nikes just about EVERYTHING i go to, i’m likely not a good source.

    button-up shirts (or blouses) always add class though… i just don’t have enough in different colors/patterns!

    maybe grab a necktie… i’m obsessed with those too. take ’em out annie hall style, but maybe a little less stiff and put together and matchy!


  2. jim replied:

    jeez, just wear one of your many pantsuits

  3. mzgreen replied:

    I opted to wear the red patent-leather shoes afterall! Plus, navy stockings, a yellow skirt, a navy shirt, and red earrings. It wasn’t exactly business casual, but nobody spit at me, or anything.

  4. jim replied:

    wearing primary colors = primary election wins?

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