Fire it up!

Barack Obama in Brooklyn

Of course my digital camera battery was dead, but that’s one from my phone. Yesterday, Senator Obama spoke in downtown Brooklyn at the Marriot Hotel to a crowd of 1,500 supporters. I spent all day at the hotel with some great people volunteering, which largely consisted of tying knots, hooking up NYPD ‘bike rack,’ and repeatedly visiting Sid’s hardware store.

Once the event began I positioned myself in the lobby as a “greeter”–just like the ones at the Gap–and told hundreds of people to, “please line-up for the event alongside the wall” (please, somebody has to do it!). Several ladies tried (and failed) to purchase my Obama button and some French photographer took a picture of it. Once the people were all inside I slipped in to watch the Senator speak.


August 23, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City, Political Action, Volunteering.

One Comment

  1. Tamara replied:

    Um…love the name of your blog. You really did your thing yesterday girl! Thank you! Brooklyn for Barack baby!

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