Fort Greene Fest

Talib Kweli + Barack Obama

Summer won’t leave NYC alone (thank goodness). Last Saturday was a perfect day to do just about anything, but I spent it registering people to vote with some fine volunteers from the Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill neighborhoods.  There was a big party getting set up in the park, but we were not permitted to bring our table inside since we were unwilling/unable to provide the absurd $2000 fee charged to vendors. We were, however, able to circumvent this obstacle by setting up another voter registration spot on a pink blanket. Positioning ourselves directly in front of stage, we aimed at good visibility and having the best view of Talib Kweli and Jean Grae when they performed “Say Something.”


September 13, 2007. Barack Obama, Live Music, New York City, Volunteering.


  1. Gunnar replied:

    Can we get Talib to open up for the rally on the 27th? Would that scare the non-young people, the media, and/or the middle of the country?
    Just a hopeful, self-serving idea to pass the time.

  2. mzgreen replied:

    Of course they would not be scared! Everyone and his or her mama LOVE Talib.

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