Just go get ready to VOTE!

Please people, let’s help Barack win NYC! Get yourself right with your voter AND party registration by October 12th, AKA Friday.


October 11, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City.


  1. Dan replied:

    It seems that Barack Obama has withdrawn from the Michigan primary…

  2. mzgreen replied:

    He has, as well as Edwards, Richardson, and Biden. When Michigan moved up its primary to January 15th, ALL of the candidates vowed not to campaign in Michigan. The purpose of Michigan (and Florida) moving up their primaries, was to render Iowa and New Hampshire’s primaries less, well, primary. Basically, Michigan and Florida wanted to share the focus arguing that Michigan and Florida are more representative of the US as a whole, which is a legitimate point.

    BUT, Michigan and Florida moved their primaries last spring. Democrats in Michigan and Florida that voted to move up their primary voted DIRECTLY against the national Democratic party, which is a no-no. Therefore, it is my understanding that Michigan and Florida will not be able to send any delegates to the DNC in Denver next summer.

    So, in the end Michigan and Florida rendered themselves useless for the entire 2008 primary season. These two states will have ZERO impact in selecting the Democrat to run in the 2008 presidential election. That’s a pretty big deal. Two states with a lot at stake, Michigan especially. As a result, voters in these states won’t have their issues heard because candidates need to be campaigning where they can actually win delegates for the DNC. Obama and others removed their names from the ballot out of solidarity with the national Democratic party, not out of spite for Michiganders and Floridians.

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