Waiting for the C Train

As I step onto the subway…

“Is that an official campaign button?”

It isn’t, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?

“It really would be. I think his campaign would be smart to copy your button. It shows the kinder, gentler side of Barack.”

Do you really think he has a bad attitude sort of image in the minds of most Americans, tho?

“Not so much, but he usually looks pensive. I think he’s worried that Gore is going to run.”

Hmm…I don’t, but that’s interesting. I wonder how many people agree?


October 14, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City, Public Transportation.


  1. tanas replied:

    i don’t know if i believe al gore is going to run.

    i don’t know that i believe its on the mind of barack.

    what i do know is that people in general seem to wonder if gore will run.

    i know people in this area don’t seem to be favoring obama, and without good reason.

  2. mzgreen replied:

    If Al Gore runs, I’ll eat my hat!

  3. tanas replied:

    well as long as its not a cool hat, like a 5950 or something… ;OD

    but seriously, what’s with this “pensive” garbage? the president of this goddammed country isn’t a fucking circus clown… not a game show host! there are few people in the world that should have more on their mind than the person “running the country”.

    its too early… ugh.

  4. BobbyG replied:

    I think he should show a different side, like your button does. It kinda reminds me of the olde tyme J/RFK buttons. The other buttons — and shirts — make me think of an over-marketed Che (so, basically, Che).

    Still, he does better than the other contenders in that respect.

    Re: Al Gore — No way. Not gonna happen. People need to get over it. Gore still comes in 4th in the national polls, which means he and Colbert are neck-and-neck above Biden, Dodd and Kucinich. If Gore were to enter, it would be the biggest shark jump in the history of shark-jumping; and that’s just not environmentally sustainable.

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