Live from HQ–it’s Saturday Night!

Yo Barack!

So I’m a little slow updating my posts lately–forgive me! I have spent just about every single one of my spare moments volunteering at New York’s Obama for America Headquarters. That little office often feels like a sauna running on caffeine and Halloween candy (evidenced by the garbage can pictured below).


So the office is very organized with giant charts, maps, and recycling bins. The people who are running the show use Macintosh computers for the most part (Good), and never make me talk on the phone. Rob is more brave and eloquent than I am. He called many registered Democrats in Yonkers.

Rob's got your private number...

I was more of a data-entry dweeb like Gunnar. We “Build the Hope.” Some people call us “hope builders…”

Gunnar on keys

Just look at these hard workers! Two volunteers congratulating each other on a job well done. This photo below was taken around 10pm. I don’t know why that guy still needs to be drinking coffee.

Good work!

Anyway, my button blends in at HQ. I highly encourage skilled keyboardists and yappers to stop by 139 Fulton St., suite #508. Obama needs you.


November 8, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City, Volunteering.


  1. Gunnar replied:

    That is so a mini-double chin! Thanks a lot.

  2. mzgreen replied:

    Maybe grow a beard for the winter? Just a thought.

  3. Gunnar replied:

    I will. But I don’t want to scare voters.

  4. mzgreen replied:

    I don’t know about that. You better grow it if we go to Iowa. The Midwest is COLD!

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