The things that white people say to white people.

I was over watching the debate with the venerable NYC Obamas at a cave of a bar in the financial district. The waiter guy had an attitude problem, so I made my way toward the bar. The grey-hair behind the bar leans in all close to my chest and gives me a crazy old coot look, and as it turns out, he had a problem too.

“I’m a life long democrat, but the country isn’t ready for one of them.”

I’m not letting the guy who said this to me off the hook. I don’t care that he was Irish. I don’t care that he was two generations older than me. I don’t even care that he was pouring me a HUGE glass of whiskey. Them? Are you kidding me? Is your brain stuck in the Jim Crow era?


November 16, 2007. Barack Obama, New York City.


  1. monicasjungle replied:

    Those people still exist?! In New York? So much for being a progressive metropolitan city. You should have tld him to go back to Ireland cause we don’t want ‘his people’ here.

  2. mike replied:

    I am an Irish American and I will be voting for Obama. We arnt all bad. Remember Bobby, John, and Ted Kennedy are all Irish Americans too

  3. mzgreen replied:

    Of course not! This is the button I started wearing most recently.

  4. katharine replied:

    Got to say– of course what the guy said is outragious. But so is the blog title “Things That White People Say to White People,” as clearly, not all white people are saying things like this, and the fact that this guy is white isn’t really the point, is it? Seems to me the point is that he is an idiot. The title you put about as bigoted as the remark you are writing about. How about instead, “Things That Idiots Say to Idiots.” I mean, could you imagine reading a title: “Things That Black People Say to Black People” and then reading below it about some stupid remark?
    I am pro Barack, not because he is black, and not because I am white, but because he is brilliant, and I am inspired.

  5. mzgreen replied:

    I’m happy to hear Barack’s got you inspired, too! I guess the basic point of titling this post “the things white people say to white people” was to point out that sometimes individuals make bad assumptions about what can be said to whom based on shared culture.

  6. Flore replied:

    Well I was so inspired by your blog that I decided to respond. I am a Barack Obama supporter and I do want him to win. I know that he is the best man for the job, I do not know if all his promises will be kept ( but what politician has, I will still support him anyway.
    I was not suprised by your experience at the bar or the supermarket. I was so glad to hear that you responded to the check out person, that was very cool. I am a registered Republican that will be voting for Obama. I think he is brillant and presidential. I happen to be Black and I think your blog is very educational. And I was not offended by anything I read so far. Keep up the good work. See you at the Polls !!!!!!!!!!!

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