The Haters at Century 21

The Century 21 department store is a few blocks away from Obama’s NY headquarters. The store is a zoo because it contains a little bit of everything you might need for the holidays, like this menorah:

Happy Festivus!

Anyway, the place was a mess on December 20th, and the staff was none too pleased with the constant mess that customers were making while shopping/mutilating displays. I’d be the first to admit that the shoppers are obnoxious–they talk on their cell phones, hide clothes on the wrong racks, disco dance on discarded tried-on clothes in the dressing room floor, etc. But the teenage staff also gets an A+ for bad behavior. I’m waiting in line to buy a couple pairs of tights and the bagger (what kind of clothing store has “baggers?”) is this kid who’s doing the talking-sh*t-about-Obama-cos-the-white-lady’s-too-polite-to-say-anything-back. He’s looking directly at my button to avoid eye contact.
“No black people are gonna vote for Ojama.” (sic)

The cashier is ignoring him and I’m giving him a look that I can only describe as the disgusted teacher special. He was so young I knew it would get to him.

“Yeah, only white people…” (trails off noticing the dirty look)

So I tell him:

I saw Chris Rock introduce Obama at the Apollo last month…not too many white people there.

“For real?”

I mean, every living soul in the store is totally annoyed, so I’m not even about to answer a “for real?”


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Barack Live at the Apollo!

It almost goes without saying that my digital camera will be utterly unprepared in the event of a great photo opportunity. Such was the case last week at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem when Barack Obama came to town. Now, I’d been doing quite a bit of calling and dressing up for church in order to get word out that the Barack was speaking in town, so I wanted to make certain that I could at least see the man this time around. I cannot provide you with any photo proof of how close I was to the stage, but believe me, my role as a volunteer usher put me right next to the action. Cornell West AND Chris Rock helped introduce the man.


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