All’s well that ends well.

I started wearing my Obama button a little over a year ago, even before Barack announced his candidacy, because I just knew it was time. Later I started writing this blog because I was receiving so many interesting/disturbing/hilarious responses to the button. Back then, some folks had never even seen or heard of Barack Obama, so I had the pleasure of making the introduction.

In retrospect, wearing the button all that time was really about raising political consciousness and less about having a good time with strangers. But at this point, we all know who Obama is, though…right? I wasn’t getting those exciting weird responses to the button anymore (which is my excuse for lagging between posts…ha). 

So when I arrived back home in New York on New Year’s Day without my button, I wasn’t as heartbroken as I may have been a few months back. That button was a real one-of-a-kind, but I’ll just have to “join the movement” and display a campaign issued button on my coat. So it goes.

Thanks for reading all this time.

Obama ’08!


January 3, 2008. Barack Obama, Travel. 4 comments.