Don’t mess with Texas…or with Brooklyn for that matter.


The Chevy has been rented, the flight reservations have been made, and three Brooklyn for Barack-ers are about to head out to Texas. The plan is to drive straight through to Dallas, though my co-pilot has requested a few “20 minute stops” to read historical markers/pay respects to Elvis. Once we get into town, we will seek out the Dallas Obama campaign office and get to work (or take a shower and then get to work).

Sometime between then and now I need to find a digital camera. My camera-phone’s photo quality is not acceptable for the nature of this journey. Plus, I think I really need a zoom, cos I have the feeling there’s some stuff that I’m really gonna want to see that I don’t necessarily want to get that close to, i.e. scorpions or saloon fights.

The weather looks semi-decent for Dallas for next week. Rain’s predicted, but I fully intend to pull out the warm-weather stuff to pack in my bag. Unlike my experience in New Hampshire, one Texan has guaranteed that there is no such thing as “too-short” when it comes to skirts.


February 13, 2008. Barack Obama, Texas, Travel, Volunteering.

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