The trip out to West.

Trying to leave New York City around 5pm on a Friday evening via the Holland Tunnel is hardly ever a good idea, unless you’re headed to Dallas to volunteer for Barack Obama. I mean, what could be better than working a full day at school, then getting into a car and driving 24 hours straight to Texas? In my book, nothing.

Here are Ben and Gunnar (BHO-BFFs), and our stupid KIA:


Thanks for the bagels and birch beer, Ben!

So off we drove into the sunset. I drove through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. We stopped at Denny’s and had an awful meal (eggs & toast/chicken fried steak & imposter mashed potatoes). Gunnar drove to Tennessee. Then I drove into the Central Time Zone part of Tennessee, which pushed dawn back another hour. I couldn’t take it too much more after Nashville, so we stopped at a Waffle House just before 7am. Our waitress had no teeth but she did have an abundance of buttons and pins on her hat. We ate another bad meal and Gunnar drank a diet coke instead of Waffle House coffee, as he was convinced that “good coffee” was around the corner. After about a half hour on the road we made it to Jackson, TN and found:

After the coffee buzz wore off, driving became rather difficult. We hit Arkansas and NPR was no where to be found on the radio. Plus, it was raining. We resolved to stop in Little Rock and visit its most famous library

Clinton Library lovable?the library is a GREEN building! not my button

Bill’s library is pretty nice! No blue dresses on display, though. We had our best meal of the entire trip in “Cafe 42,” where the choices included Starbucks coffee, a Presidential salad bar, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chocolate chip cookies. After we finished up with the library, we set off on the final leg of our journey through a rainy, rainy East Texas. I’m not sure, but Gunnar may have a touch of pluviophobia. So I spent the final stretch watching for funnel clouds while Gunnar kept his eyes on the road.

no blue skies

It was sort of tense.


February 21, 2008. Barack Obama, Libraries, New York City, Texas, Travel.

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