Office Space

Good signage Just an old Sears factory

The Dallas Obama office is really nice. It is huge, just like everything else in Texas. Here’s the Brooklyn 3 at the office:

Gunnar, Deanna, and me.

Just look at all that space!

posters! where are the volunteers, tho? Bring your laptop!

Nothing at all like the Brooklyn office…

Feb. 5th Jordan Thomas isn't lazy, he's just stressed.

My two favorite parts of the office were the sign making table and the “health and wellness” table, a la Google.

Mr. Sketch Snacks!

The start-up of the Dallas office was a little slow. I had to repress all of my New York-y tendencies to keep from freaking out at the lack of phones and Internet access for the first couple of days, but eventually things came together as Dallas was starting to get its first taste of the Iowa treatment.


February 24, 2008. Barack Obama, Texas, Travel, Volunteering.

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