Obama, Japan

I think this is so interesting!

Last January I was interviewed by a journalist from Japan who was doing some reporting on Obama. Here’s what the article looks like:

Greek to me.

I’m grateful that Keiko marked the spot where the article begins, cos otherwise I would have had no idea.


March 21, 2008. Barack Obama. 2 comments.


At this point I can still barely speak about Ohio. Here are some lowlights:

  • 12 hour drive through a blizzard after work on a Friday night
  • walking through a foot of snow in expensive boots to canvas abandoned apartments
  • forgetting to take down the ‘do not disturb’ sign, resulting in the reuse of the towel on the floor
  • Dutch Oven cabbage rolls

One highlight:

Barack in Parma, OH

Barack spoke at a town hall meeting at a high school in Parma, OH and we got to sit in the fifth row.
We tried!

Still, no handshake, but the Senator definitely waved at me.

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“Shame on you!”

So I’m flying back to NYC through D.C. I had to get one of those cheap tickets, so I’m changing planes and airlines. This is totally annoying because I have to go through security twice. In Dallas I made it through with all of my carefully hidden lotions and shampoos. Unfortunately I got caught in D.C. I was pulled over to the inspection table in my socks.

“Shame on you, Barack Obama!”

Excuse me? (Did he find my contraband shampoo? Is my Obama button souring his opinion of Barack?)

“You saw Hillary this morning, right? Complaining about the campaign mail?”

Oh yeah, I did. Thought I was getting in trouble with you.

“I can’t believe how she’s grasping for straws! How dare she go after Barack after the bullcrap she and Bill pulled in South Carolina!”

Another security guy joins in the conversation.

“And that plagiarism charge! How many lines has she borrowed from Bill?”

I was really hoping these guys would keep it up and fail to notice that my bag is stuffed with above regulation size bath products. Alas, they did not, and I was forced to leave behind my shaving cream, face lotion, perfume(!), shampoo, and conditioner.

March 5, 2008. Barack Obama, Travel. 2 comments.

Barack at Reunion Arena


Here’s myself and 19,000 like-minded Obama supporters lined up (some as early as 4am) in Dallas to see our candidate speak.

 Golden Legs  The Wave

Emmett Smith introduced Barack…we did the wave!

So close to MY sign! <– Librarians for Obama

See the signs on the lower right-hand corner by Barack? Yeah, that’s as close as I got to the stage. I also made another reversible sign that read “Dog Lovers for Obama”/”Cat Lovers for Obama.”

 No velvet 

I got pretty close, but no handshake this time, either. There were two parts of Barack’s speech that ellicted huge applause from the crowd. First, when Obama made the statement that there will be no George Bush or Dick Cheney on the ticket next November. And second, when this happened:

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