Obama, Japan

I think this is so interesting!

Last January I was interviewed by a journalist from Japan who was doing some reporting on Obama. Here’s what the article looks like:

Greek to me.

I’m grateful that Keiko marked the spot where the article begins, cos otherwise I would have had no idea.


March 21, 2008. Barack Obama.


  1. Camille replied:

    Just found your site, and I love the video about Obama, Japan!

    I don’t have an Obama button but I’m a white woman with a Women For Obama bumper sticker. Thanks for coming to Texas, glad it was “really something.” ;D Yep, that about says it.

    One more note… re: Obama’s “bitter” comment — as far as I’m concerned he just stated the truth and people some just don’t like to hear the truth. I’d rather have my candidate be accidentally a little too truthful than purposely lie, like another candidate I can think of.

  2. mzgreen replied:

    I’m convinced that the only people who care about Barack’s “bitter” comment are the pundits who MUST talk about something all night long on the news channels. After watching some of that coverage I felt like grabbing a shot and a beer…

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