Welcome to Boston…

I went to a barbecue in Boston. This sporty looking black guy comes over to talk. 

“You’re for Mohammad?”

Barack Obama?

“Yeah, Mohammad. He’s never gonna get elected with a name like that.”

Should he change his name, you think?

“Yeah, John Smith, then he’s got my vote. Can trust anyone with a name like that. You know the bin Ladens live here in Boston?”


“I hope they hit New York again. I own real estate. After 9/11 my rents went up from $1100 to $1800 with all the people from New York attempting to escape. When 9/11 happened I was like ‘Yes! I’m gonna make money now!’ I know its not good for everybody, but I hope they hit New York again.”

I hope not. That’s a disgusting thought.

I am shocked. The dude’s cell phone rings. He walks away to answer it. I am left thinking that I have just spoken to the worst guy EVER.


June 18, 2007. 9/11, Barack Obama, Racism, Travel. 5 comments.

Conspiracy Theory

So I’m waiting for my friend in DUMBO to do this late afternoon hang-over walk that seems to have become a nice tradition. I’m waiting in a cafe drinking my little iced tea when two men decide to join me.

“It looks like you need some company (smiles). Do you mind (smiles)?”

The man has a Spanish accent, and his intro is so cheesy that I willingly relinquish my solitude. What the hell do these guys have to say?

“I see your button. Have you read his books?”

I’m a little embarrassed, but I pull “The Audacity of Hope” out of my purse and put it on the table. I really only try to read this book at home; the book and button together really is a little much. The other guy starts speaking:

“They’ll never elect him. His middle name is Hussein. After September 11th, Americans hate the Arabs.”

This guy must share his brain with the President.

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