I think he’s aged a bit.

My hyper-observant friend is starting to notice changes.

“I think Barack has aged since the photo on that button was taken.”

Yes! Of course he has. Haven’t you? I am 4 years older, 4 years more jaded, and 4 years more sick of the war. This whole Bush administration has caused me plenty of premature aging. I wake up in the morning listening to NPR explaining all of the car bombing that was going on while I was asleep–WHILE I WAS ASLEEP!? How can you start your day off on the right foot like that? I can’t. And since I’m not the type of person who’s gonna change the station, I suffer and I age and I get pissed off. It all shows. I swear to god, if I could think of the most shallow reason to get rid of the present administation, it would be so that American women who engage in the world would cease this premature aging.


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These are my tired dogs after a long day on the streets Begging for Change. The evening beforehand I decided to forgo happy hour (almost unheard of) and get a pedicure. The ladies at my nail salon hooked up the Obama “O” for a reasonable price of $15. I had to pull out my UFT calendar to show her the Obama sticker on the back. The woman sitting next to me getting her toes done is fascinated by my choice of design.

“That’s for the Puerto Rican parade Sunday?”

Actually, its for tomorrow. I’m canvassing for Barack Obama.

“Who’s that???”

He’s the Senator from Illinois running for President.

“He the black guy?”

I nod.

“I know he already got Brooklyn’s vote. You need to take those toes to the city!”

June 10, 2007. Barack Obama, Beauty. 1 comment.

On wax

Tomorrow I leave for Florida, so I made sure to make an appointment with my aesthetician in order to wax and polish away a whole winter’s worth of New York City. So why as soon as I am in a sufficiently uncomfortable position with my legs over my head does my Israeli aesthetician ask, “Who is the guy on your jacket?”


“He’s running for President.” Really, that’s about all I can muster. Who can talk any sense during a Brazilian wax?

“Is he against the war?”



“That’s good. George Bush is an idiot! I don’t know anyone who elected him.”

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