Rally at State Fair (HRC’s backyard)

The day after arriving in Texas, a big rally for Barack Obama was held outside of the beautiful Hall of State building in Dallas.

Hall of State

Obama wasn’t even in Texas yet, but a few thousand people turned out to show support, both young and old.

Baby w/ cowboy hat Even some gray hairs.

Brooklyn’s crew made some signs.

Reserved Parking

And I found a miniature Statue of Liberty!

Baby Liberty

The 15 year-old rapper, KO, performed a pro-Obama song that I’ve been calling “We Need a Chaaange.”


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“Not our time.”

My Saturday nights usually end with some sort of foolishness. After vetoing my friend’s idea to ” just get a bottle of Wild Turkey and do shots in the kitchen,” we ventured out to take in the sounds of a South African accordion player, the conversations of some ugly hipsters, and the opinion of a whiskey drinking, biracial bartender.

“How’s the whole Obama thing going?”

Pretty good. I was petitioning in Jamaica, Queens today. That wasn’t so hot, tho.

“Not feeling Obama?”

It was probably me they weren’t feeling.

“Not our time. Just not yet. This country isn’t ready for a half-black president.”

The bartender has REALLY big muscles and is over six feet tall, so I just kind of had to drop the conversation. He just isn’t someone I felt comfortable arguing with several drinks deep.

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24,000 in NYC

This was the real deal–over 24,000 people showed up in Washington Square Park last Thursday. In order for something like this to go off, bunches of volunteers were needed to provide a favorable Barack Obama experience. I bravely/stupidly signed up for “crowd control” with my buddies at a meeting held two days before the rally. At the meeting we were told A) not to get drunk, B) not to run, amongst other things. I only succeeded in accomplishing “A,” but more about that later…

The day of the rally I had to ask my new principal to leave school early, which didn’t make him very happy, but I was granted my request. When I arrived at Washington Square the skies were threatening rain, but there were already over 100 people lined up when I arrived just after 3 o’clock. I soon learned that my assignment for the event was going to be collecting tickets from folks, just before they entered the metal detectors. Easy enough.

Gates were scheduled to open at 4:30, but the call was made to open ahead of time, so I had to RUN to beat the people entering the park. I was wearing an orange dress with navy socks and platform sandals (for better chances at actually seeing Barack), which looked great, but was bad for sprinting. Immediately, I began grabbing blue tickets and “Rapid Pass” email RSVPs from folks and throwing them in a big cardboard box. All in all, it was very grassroots–a lot of confusion and a lot of laughs. As people entered the park, they learned that umbrellas would not be allowed inside the event. This pissed off countless Obama supporters, but every single one of them sacrificed the umbrella to get inside. As the mountain of umbrellas grew, so did the pile of people waiting to enter the park. It literally looked like a sea of people, and I must say, I felt very thankful to not be standing in that crowd when they started chanting, “LET US IN! LET US IN!” I hate it when people bump into me.

Just before 7pm security pulled the metal detectors aside and signaled to let in the crowd as Barack was taking the stage. Instantly, the crowd stampeded toward the gates, and once again, I had to RUN to avoid getting trampled. I enjoyed the rally from a great distance. In fact, I never did even see the man. But, I guess he looked like this:

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Broadway for Barack

Barack Obama on Broadway

All I can say is that I got to SIT and see Barack speak. I did not volunteer. I just picked up my tickets and SAT. Once again, the button is paying off.

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Fort Greene Fest

Talib Kweli + Barack Obama

Summer won’t leave NYC alone (thank goodness). Last Saturday was a perfect day to do just about anything, but I spent it registering people to vote with some fine volunteers from the Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill neighborhoods.  There was a big party getting set up in the park, but we were not permitted to bring our table inside since we were unwilling/unable to provide the absurd $2000 fee charged to vendors. We were, however, able to circumvent this obstacle by setting up another voter registration spot on a pink blanket. Positioning ourselves directly in front of stage, we aimed at good visibility and having the best view of Talib Kweli and Jean Grae when they performed “Say Something.”

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Button Pokin’

So in Queens there is this modern art/DJ party. It is very crowded. It is mostly an adult party, but some parents try to jumpstart their kid’s coolness factor by dragging them through the second-hand smoke and loud-ass music. Plus, they’re too short to see anything, really.

As am I. When a person isn’t very tall, it is almost a miracle to see the stage in a general admission type of situation. Things were looking up for me–for once–and then this big European dude started taking camera phone pics with his buddy right next to me. I mean, how long can your arm possibly get? Reach and click, reach and click (obviously, I’m not over it yet). Finally the photo is a success, but I’ve been jacked out of my spot! I can’t see the 17 year-old DJ phenoms (The Martinez Brothers) anymore and I’m pissed. These kids djs were looking totally reckless and awesome, but the sound suggested something different…anyway, all I’m hearing for sure is bad djing and seeing NONE of the performance.

Euro guy pokes me in the button.

“I’m going back to my country if this guy isn’t elected!”

You promise?

“Yes. He’s the best one.”

I’m divided.

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