At this point I can still barely speak about Ohio. Here are some lowlights:

  • 12 hour drive through a blizzard after work on a Friday night
  • walking through a foot of snow in expensive boots to canvas abandoned apartments
  • forgetting to take down the ‘do not disturb’ sign, resulting in the reuse of the towel on the floor
  • Dutch Oven cabbage rolls

One highlight:

Barack in Parma, OH

Barack spoke at a town hall meeting at a high school in Parma, OH and we got to sit in the fifth row.
We tried!

Still, no handshake, but the Senator definitely waved at me.


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Cadillac Kingz for Obama!

Cadillac Kings!

How would you feel about voting for Barack Obama this Tuesday if a sick Obama for President Cadillac Escalade motorcade rolled past? Just to speak for myself,  I would be totally stoked if one of these trucks would drive me to my poll.

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“Not our time.”

My Saturday nights usually end with some sort of foolishness. After vetoing my friend’s idea to ” just get a bottle of Wild Turkey and do shots in the kitchen,” we ventured out to take in the sounds of a South African accordion player, the conversations of some ugly hipsters, and the opinion of a whiskey drinking, biracial bartender.

“How’s the whole Obama thing going?”

Pretty good. I was petitioning in Jamaica, Queens today. That wasn’t so hot, tho.

“Not feeling Obama?”

It was probably me they weren’t feeling.

“Not our time. Just not yet. This country isn’t ready for a half-black president.”

The bartender has REALLY big muscles and is over six feet tall, so I just kind of had to drop the conversation. He just isn’t someone I felt comfortable arguing with several drinks deep.

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West Indian Day Parade

Down de road!

I love a parade! Especially the West Indian Day Parade! Double-especially after J’Ouvert! You know, for the delirium factor. Every year I make it a point to stick around town during Labor Day weekend so I can take part in the festivities. This year was extra-special, tho, cos the Brooklyn for Barack folks got together with some other Barack supporters and put together a float with a sound system, banners, and beauty queens from Trinidad. I couldn’t have gotten up on that float if I had tried, so I marched alongside in my sequin dress waving my Obama ’08 sign.  Tamara, who was my personal hero of the day, pushed a wheelchair full of supplies all the damn way down the parade route. The rest of us ran back and forth across the parkway passing out the newspaper announcing The Calypso King’s endorsement of Obama, posed for photographs, and danced with strangers.

Now, this parade moves at about .05 miles/hour, so there was plenty of time to talk to spectators/potential voters. Many were upset Barack wasn’t himself riding on the float. Others just wanted more Obama stickers. All in all, everybody had something to say, including a police officer.

“Don’t bother. They don’t even vote anyway.”

Boo! I mean, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I ignored him. That type of negativity doesn’t even deserve acknowledgement–screw it! Can’t rain on my parade.

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Fire it up!

Barack Obama in Brooklyn

Of course my digital camera battery was dead, but that’s one from my phone. Yesterday, Senator Obama spoke in downtown Brooklyn at the Marriot Hotel to a crowd of 1,500 supporters. I spent all day at the hotel with some great people volunteering, which largely consisted of tying knots, hooking up NYPD ‘bike rack,’ and repeatedly visiting Sid’s hardware store.

Once the event began I positioned myself in the lobby as a “greeter”–just like the ones at the Gap–and told hundreds of people to, “please line-up for the event alongside the wall” (please, somebody has to do it!). Several ladies tried (and failed) to purchase my Obama button and some French photographer took a picture of it. Once the people were all inside I slipped in to watch the Senator speak.

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“I’m a movement by myself…But I’m a force when we’re together.”

Official Button!

You rock! Get with the program folks, cos I predict Obama Buttons of all shapes and sizes will be popping up on trendsetters across the country for 2007-2008 campaign season.

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“Register to vote! You’ll love it!”

Yesterday the Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill Obama people were registering voters. While Gunnar and I wandered around with clipboards acquiring sunburns and completed voter registration forms, a lady approached us with a piece of advice.

“I registered voters in Maine once. We were told that a good opening line is, ‘Register to vote! You’ll love it!'”

I tried it a couple times, but it didn’t work any better for me than my usual approach. Basically, I like to stare and grin like an idiot in order to engage strangers. Often those conversations open up with the stranger saying something like, “Do I know you…?” Easy in!

Overall, we were pretty successful–met some Texans, expanded the democratic process to new voters, and didn’t get bitten by any dogs.

P.S. New York people, you need to be registered by October 12th with a political party in order to vote in the February 5th, 2008 primary!!!

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I meant to “glorify” myself before now, but it’s been hectic.

Last Saturday this article and acompanying video appeared on the New York Times website.

If I’m providing comic relief for Barack Obama’s campaign, then I think I’m doing my job well.

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You can play at home!

Obama Store 

I just got an email about this on Friday. For a split (I mean split) second I felt a little less special, but then I got a lot more excited. This is your chance to play the Obama button game! Buy this button, speak your MIND, support the campaign, and learn exactly why I continue to write this blog and back Barack Obama for President in 2008!

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