Obama on the PATH

Obama in Newark on October 22nd 

When Barack comes close enough to town, I just have to go. When I see him speak I am reminded of just how much I believe in working for his campaign. I hate going to New Jersey, as every step of the New Jersey public transportation system discourages further entry. I actually made it out to Newark on time (which is always super hard for me), and saw the man speak. I never seem to get close enough to shake his hand, tho, which reportedly feels just like velvet…


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Waiting for the C Train

As I step onto the subway…

“Is that an official campaign button?”

It isn’t, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?

“It really would be. I think his campaign would be smart to copy your button. It shows the kinder, gentler side of Barack.”

Do you really think he has a bad attitude sort of image in the minds of most Americans, tho?

“Not so much, but he usually looks pensive. I think he’s worried that Gore is going to run.”

Hmm…I don’t, but that’s interesting. I wonder how many people agree?

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You figured me out.

By trade I am a librarian, which makes me somewhat of a reader. I’m on vacation now, so I actually get to read books that I truly want to read. I borrow books from libraries (duh), which means that usually they are hardcover, therefore more bulky. I am reading Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux, which is a big fat book. So I spent all this morning and a good chunk of the afternoon reading my book, building arm muscles, and trying (and failing) to obtain Shakespeare in the Park tickets. I stood and read for a good 3.5 hours before becoming collectively bummed out with the 100 other people on line when the news arrives that all tickets are gone.

I walk to the train and take my seat feeling a little disappointed, but happy to rest my feet and to read my book some more. So, why you gotta start with me, jerk?

“Oh, I see. You got an Africa thing, huh?”

I glare. Nothing that I say will possibly make sense to this man.

“You got your Obama and your Africa book, huh?”

I understood exactly what he was referring to, but I’m getting drawn in anyway. “Coincidence,” I say. Quickly I locate my iPod headphones and plug my ears. A couple years ago my friend hypothesized that iPods are the best invention for fighting unsolicited conversation. These days I tend to agree.

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When my car breaks down, I have a full-on journey to and from my job. One leg of this voyage places me on the X36 bus down Tremont through the Bronx. This bus is packed to the gills. Forget about sitting, reading, or even talking on the phone. The only thing to do on this bus is hold on for dear life as it flies down the street. But if you’re lucky, you can also talk to the teenager that’s got his armpit in your face.

“Excuse me miss, but are you trying to think that he can get elected?”

Of course!

“He don’t stand a chance against Hillary. She’s got an ex-president backing her up. There’s never been a candidate who could say that.”

Good point, kid. Are you taking bets, or something?

“No, but I bet that’s why she didn’t divorce him over Monica Lewinsky. She just wants to be president that bad so she can run the show!”

Hmm…this kid totally smells ambition.

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