At this point I can still barely speak about Ohio. Here are some lowlights:

  • 12 hour drive through a blizzard after work on a Friday night
  • walking through a foot of snow in expensive boots to canvas abandoned apartments
  • forgetting to take down the ‘do not disturb’ sign, resulting in the reuse of the towel on the floor
  • Dutch Oven cabbage rolls

One highlight:

Barack in Parma, OH

Barack spoke at a town hall meeting at a high school in Parma, OH and we got to sit in the fifth row.
We tried!

Still, no handshake, but the Senator definitely waved at me.


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Office Space

Good signage Just an old Sears factory

The Dallas Obama office is really nice. It is huge, just like everything else in Texas. Here’s the Brooklyn 3 at the office:

Gunnar, Deanna, and me.

Just look at all that space!

posters! where are the volunteers, tho? Bring your laptop!

Nothing at all like the Brooklyn office…

Feb. 5th Jordan Thomas isn't lazy, he's just stressed.

My two favorite parts of the office were the sign making table and the “health and wellness” table, a la Google.

Mr. Sketch Snacks!

The start-up of the Dallas office was a little slow. I had to repress all of my New York-y tendencies to keep from freaking out at the lack of phones and Internet access for the first couple of days, but eventually things came together as Dallas was starting to get its first taste of the Iowa treatment.

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Rally at State Fair (HRC’s backyard)

The day after arriving in Texas, a big rally for Barack Obama was held outside of the beautiful Hall of State building in Dallas.

Hall of State

Obama wasn’t even in Texas yet, but a few thousand people turned out to show support, both young and old.

Baby w/ cowboy hat Even some gray hairs.

Brooklyn’s crew made some signs.

Reserved Parking

And I found a miniature Statue of Liberty!

Baby Liberty

The 15 year-old rapper, KO, performed a pro-Obama song that I’ve been calling “We Need a Chaaange.”

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Don’t mess with Texas…or with Brooklyn for that matter.


The Chevy has been rented, the flight reservations have been made, and three Brooklyn for Barack-ers are about to head out to Texas. The plan is to drive straight through to Dallas, though my co-pilot has requested a few “20 minute stops” to read historical markers/pay respects to Elvis. Once we get into town, we will seek out the Dallas Obama campaign office and get to work (or take a shower and then get to work).

Sometime between then and now I need to find a digital camera. My camera-phone’s photo quality is not acceptable for the nature of this journey. Plus, I think I really need a zoom, cos I have the feeling there’s some stuff that I’m really gonna want to see that I don’t necessarily want to get that close to, i.e. scorpions or saloon fights.

The weather looks semi-decent for Dallas for next week. Rain’s predicted, but I fully intend to pull out the warm-weather stuff to pack in my bag. Unlike my experience in New Hampshire, one Texan has guaranteed that there is no such thing as “too-short” when it comes to skirts.

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Cadillac Kingz for Obama!

Cadillac Kings!

How would you feel about voting for Barack Obama this Tuesday if a sick Obama for President Cadillac Escalade motorcade rolled past? Just to speak for myself,  I would be totally stoked if one of these trucks would drive me to my poll.

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Part B

Part B

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Barack Live at the Apollo!

It almost goes without saying that my digital camera will be utterly unprepared in the event of a great photo opportunity. Such was the case last week at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem when Barack Obama came to town. Now, I’d been doing quite a bit of calling and dressing up for church in order to get word out that the Barack was speaking in town, so I wanted to make certain that I could at least see the man this time around. I cannot provide you with any photo proof of how close I was to the stage, but believe me, my role as a volunteer usher put me right next to the action. Cornell West AND Chris Rock helped introduce the man.


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Live from HQ–it’s Saturday Night!

Yo Barack!

So I’m a little slow updating my posts lately–forgive me! I have spent just about every single one of my spare moments volunteering at New York’s Obama for America Headquarters. That little office often feels like a sauna running on caffeine and Halloween candy (evidenced by the garbage can pictured below).


So the office is very organized with giant charts, maps, and recycling bins. The people who are running the show use Macintosh computers for the most part (Good), and never make me talk on the phone. Rob is more brave and eloquent than I am. He called many registered Democrats in Yonkers.

Rob's got your private number...

I was more of a data-entry dweeb like Gunnar. We “Build the Hope.” Some people call us “hope builders…”

Gunnar on keys

Just look at these hard workers! Two volunteers congratulating each other on a job well done. This photo below was taken around 10pm. I don’t know why that guy still needs to be drinking coffee.

Good work!

Anyway, my button blends in at HQ. I highly encourage skilled keyboardists and yappers to stop by 139 Fulton St., suite #508. Obama needs you.

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Gotta have faith.

Faith vs. Politics

I managed to make it through Brooklyn for Barack’s faith forum without bursting into flames. The poster above is a list of the words attendees shouted out first in regards to faith, and then in regards to politics. Paints a hopeful picture doesn’t it?

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24,000 in NYC

This was the real deal–over 24,000 people showed up in Washington Square Park last Thursday. In order for something like this to go off, bunches of volunteers were needed to provide a favorable Barack Obama experience. I bravely/stupidly signed up for “crowd control” with my buddies at a meeting held two days before the rally. At the meeting we were told A) not to get drunk, B) not to run, amongst other things. I only succeeded in accomplishing “A,” but more about that later…

The day of the rally I had to ask my new principal to leave school early, which didn’t make him very happy, but I was granted my request. When I arrived at Washington Square the skies were threatening rain, but there were already over 100 people lined up when I arrived just after 3 o’clock. I soon learned that my assignment for the event was going to be collecting tickets from folks, just before they entered the metal detectors. Easy enough.

Gates were scheduled to open at 4:30, but the call was made to open ahead of time, so I had to RUN to beat the people entering the park. I was wearing an orange dress with navy socks and platform sandals (for better chances at actually seeing Barack), which looked great, but was bad for sprinting. Immediately, I began grabbing blue tickets and “Rapid Pass” email RSVPs from folks and throwing them in a big cardboard box. All in all, it was very grassroots–a lot of confusion and a lot of laughs. As people entered the park, they learned that umbrellas would not be allowed inside the event. This pissed off countless Obama supporters, but every single one of them sacrificed the umbrella to get inside. As the mountain of umbrellas grew, so did the pile of people waiting to enter the park. It literally looked like a sea of people, and I must say, I felt very thankful to not be standing in that crowd when they started chanting, “LET US IN! LET US IN!” I hate it when people bump into me.

Just before 7pm security pulled the metal detectors aside and signaled to let in the crowd as Barack was taking the stage. Instantly, the crowd stampeded toward the gates, and once again, I had to RUN to avoid getting trampled. I enjoyed the rally from a great distance. In fact, I never did even see the man. But, I guess he looked like this:

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