Cadillac Kingz for Obama!

Cadillac Kings!

How would you feel about voting for Barack Obama this Tuesday if a sick Obama for President Cadillac Escalade motorcade rolled past? Just to speak for myself,  I would be totally stoked if one of these trucks would drive me to my poll.


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Part B

Part B

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All’s well that ends well.

I started wearing my Obama button a little over a year ago, even before Barack announced his candidacy, because I just knew it was time. Later I started writing this blog because I was receiving so many interesting/disturbing/hilarious responses to the button. Back then, some folks had never even seen or heard of Barack Obama, so I had the pleasure of making the introduction.

In retrospect, wearing the button all that time was really about raising political consciousness and less about having a good time with strangers. But at this point, we all know who Obama is, though…right? I wasn’t getting those exciting weird responses to the button anymore (which is my excuse for lagging between posts…ha). 

So when I arrived back home in New York on New Year’s Day without my button, I wasn’t as heartbroken as I may have been a few months back. That button was a real one-of-a-kind, but I’ll just have to “join the movement” and display a campaign issued button on my coat. So it goes.

Thanks for reading all this time.

Obama ’08!

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The Haters at Century 21

The Century 21 department store is a few blocks away from Obama’s NY headquarters. The store is a zoo because it contains a little bit of everything you might need for the holidays, like this menorah:

Happy Festivus!

Anyway, the place was a mess on December 20th, and the staff was none too pleased with the constant mess that customers were making while shopping/mutilating displays. I’d be the first to admit that the shoppers are obnoxious–they talk on their cell phones, hide clothes on the wrong racks, disco dance on discarded tried-on clothes in the dressing room floor, etc. But the teenage staff also gets an A+ for bad behavior. I’m waiting in line to buy a couple pairs of tights and the bagger (what kind of clothing store has “baggers?”) is this kid who’s doing the talking-sh*t-about-Obama-cos-the-white-lady’s-too-polite-to-say-anything-back. He’s looking directly at my button to avoid eye contact.
“No black people are gonna vote for Ojama.” (sic)

The cashier is ignoring him and I’m giving him a look that I can only describe as the disgusted teacher special. He was so young I knew it would get to him.

“Yeah, only white people…” (trails off noticing the dirty look)

So I tell him:

I saw Chris Rock introduce Obama at the Apollo last month…not too many white people there.

“For real?”

I mean, every living soul in the store is totally annoyed, so I’m not even about to answer a “for real?”

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Barack Live at the Apollo!

It almost goes without saying that my digital camera will be utterly unprepared in the event of a great photo opportunity. Such was the case last week at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem when Barack Obama came to town. Now, I’d been doing quite a bit of calling and dressing up for church in order to get word out that the Barack was speaking in town, so I wanted to make certain that I could at least see the man this time around. I cannot provide you with any photo proof of how close I was to the stage, but believe me, my role as a volunteer usher put me right next to the action. Cornell West AND Chris Rock helped introduce the man.


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The things that white people say to white people.

I was over watching the debate with the venerable NYC Obamas at a cave of a bar in the financial district. The waiter guy had an attitude problem, so I made my way toward the bar. The grey-hair behind the bar leans in all close to my chest and gives me a crazy old coot look, and as it turns out, he had a problem too.

“I’m a life long democrat, but the country isn’t ready for one of them.”

I’m not letting the guy who said this to me off the hook. I don’t care that he was Irish. I don’t care that he was two generations older than me. I don’t even care that he was pouring me a HUGE glass of whiskey. Them? Are you kidding me? Is your brain stuck in the Jim Crow era?

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Forte, 26th floor

Sometimes I like to pretend like I am not broke. Yesterday I played this little game with myself, so I headed up to the 26th floor to look at the models. I was enjoying the wine and cheese, while my friend was taking note of the shoddy craftspersonship of the marble countertops. The big macher at the party was this middle-aged lady. Of course, she was drawn to the button. I get so tired of hearing this one.

“I love Obama too, but he is not ready to be president. Not for this election.”

I was eating the lady’s cheese and drinking her wine. She totally gave off a HRC-ish vibe:  pantsuit, haridoo, ability to fence-straddle.

“Women of my generation promised themselves that they would vote for a woman for president if one ever got on the ballot. That time is now.”

For how many other rich, smart, successful women does this feeling hold true?

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“Not our time.”

My Saturday nights usually end with some sort of foolishness. After vetoing my friend’s idea to ” just get a bottle of Wild Turkey and do shots in the kitchen,” we ventured out to take in the sounds of a South African accordion player, the conversations of some ugly hipsters, and the opinion of a whiskey drinking, biracial bartender.

“How’s the whole Obama thing going?”

Pretty good. I was petitioning in Jamaica, Queens today. That wasn’t so hot, tho.

“Not feeling Obama?”

It was probably me they weren’t feeling.

“Not our time. Just not yet. This country isn’t ready for a half-black president.”

The bartender has REALLY big muscles and is over six feet tall, so I just kind of had to drop the conversation. He just isn’t someone I felt comfortable arguing with several drinks deep.

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Does 2007 “rock,” or what? Take a look at the cover of almost any magazine, and something or other has been declared to be rockin’–music, fashion, even politics. So why was I surprised when my friend started going on about B-ROCK? How come no one ever said this to me before now? Certainly, Barack Obama does rock. I think he was keeping it under wraps when he was dancing with Ellen.

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Live from HQ–it’s Saturday Night!

Yo Barack!

So I’m a little slow updating my posts lately–forgive me! I have spent just about every single one of my spare moments volunteering at New York’s Obama for America Headquarters. That little office often feels like a sauna running on caffeine and Halloween candy (evidenced by the garbage can pictured below).


So the office is very organized with giant charts, maps, and recycling bins. The people who are running the show use Macintosh computers for the most part (Good), and never make me talk on the phone. Rob is more brave and eloquent than I am. He called many registered Democrats in Yonkers.

Rob's got your private number...

I was more of a data-entry dweeb like Gunnar. We “Build the Hope.” Some people call us “hope builders…”

Gunnar on keys

Just look at these hard workers! Two volunteers congratulating each other on a job well done. This photo below was taken around 10pm. I don’t know why that guy still needs to be drinking coffee.

Good work!

Anyway, my button blends in at HQ. I highly encourage skilled keyboardists and yappers to stop by 139 Fulton St., suite #508. Obama needs you.

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