Button Pokin’

So in Queens there is this modern art/DJ party. It is very crowded. It is mostly an adult party, but some parents try to jumpstart their kid’s coolness factor by dragging them through the second-hand smoke and loud-ass music. Plus, they’re too short to see anything, really.

As am I. When a person isn’t very tall, it is almost a miracle to see the stage in a general admission type of situation. Things were looking up for me–for once–and then this big European dude started taking camera phone pics with his buddy right next to me. I mean, how long can your arm possibly get? Reach and click, reach and click (obviously, I’m not over it yet). Finally the photo is a success, but I’ve been jacked out of my spot! I can’t see the 17 year-old DJ phenoms (The Martinez Brothers) anymore and I’m pissed. These kids djs were looking totally reckless and awesome, but the sound suggested something different…anyway, all I’m hearing for sure is bad djing and seeing NONE of the performance.

Euro guy pokes me in the button.

“I’m going back to my country if this guy isn’t elected!”

You promise?

“Yes. He’s the best one.”

I’m divided.


July 23, 2007. Barack Obama, Live Music.

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